Scivation Whey Strawberry Review

Scivation Whey Strawberry Review

Scivation Whey Strawberry

First off, i just want to make note that i brought a 5lb tub of this protein as i have always been interested in Scivation Whey. I use Xtend and cant fault the flavor so i had high hopes for this protein in flavor and quality. I have used it multiple times in different ways so i will review it as such.


The initial smell was quite stong. Very strawberry, almost like crushed fruit but with a slight sweet sugary after smell that went kinda chemically. All in all it smelled quite appetizing and left me wanting to try it. 7/10


Fine, very fluffy texture. quite aerated which i attribute to good quality Whey’s, i like the fluffyness. In shakes, it mixed quite thin and in Proatmeal it mixed in well with no clumps or unmixed powder. 8/10


Shake in water tasted great. Very rich strawberry flavor. Its hard to completely describe because it doesnt taste like real strawberries nor like a fake strawberries and creme, instead its more like strawberry flavored yogurt or milk. Quite creamy but very satisfying. 8/10

In Proatmeal WOW! i loved this in proatmeal. It was rich enough that it didnt dull the flavor down too much which i cant stand but it wasnt overly sweet or sickening. It tasted alot more creamier in Prots than in the water and would recommend. 9/10

In milk, much like the proatmeal, it was rich and creamy. Still quite thin-like when mixed with water but with an added creamyness and smooth texture. The strawberry flavor again came through nice and was still very reminiscent of strawberry yogurt or milk. 8/10

Overall the best way to describe the flavor would be this. It is VERY reminiscent of a childhood favorite of mine the YoGo which was a flavored yogurt/custard snack. Much like a snak pak. I loved these and it tasted identical.


I picked up a tub with 20% off so here in Australia, in comparison it was one of the cheapest 5lbs of protein i have brought. But easily one of the more enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cost effective high quality Whey Protein. After having a browse around appears to have the best price. You can view here. 9/10


I am VERY pleased with Scivation Whey. After hearing mixed reviews on some batched and flavors being slightly off i was a bit hesitant but no more !… I would recommend this to anyone looking to change up their protein and i look forward to trying Vanilla and Chocolate in the near future.


Thanks to Sam for reviewing this product

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