Lose belly fat fast

lose belly fat fast

How do i lose belly fat fast?

In order to lose belly fat fast you need to expend more calories than you consume. Unfortunately, you will reach a stage where the simple calorie deficit solution no longer works. You are in a calorie deficit but your body stubbornly clings onto fat stores in specific problem areas. This stubborn body fat can be very difficult to lose if you don’t understand what causes it and how to combat it.


It’s not all about calories

The specific regions your body stores fat is determined by hormones, hormones dictate your fat storeage patterns. Belly fat is the most common problem area and the hormone responsible for this is cortisol, the stress hormone. High cortisol levels will encourage belly fat storeage.  To lose belly fat fast we need minimize the release of cortizol.

Combat cortisol

The release of cortisol is caused by physical and emotional stress. Reducing stress is therefore beneficial if we want to lose belly fat fast but that alone is not enough.



Training to reduce cortisol

This may appear to be a contradiction, exercise is physical stress. Certain forms of exercise are more prone to raising cortisol, avoid long duration cardio. Growth hormone will combat cortisol, it is the good hormone versus the bad hormone (cortizol is actually a good hormone, it has many benefits to our body, but in regards to losing belly fat it is bad). Lactic acid is a waste by-product from the chemical reactions via muscle contraction, huge amounts of growth hormone will be released when lactic acid levels are raised.

Therefore – Increased levels of lactic acid = Huge release of growth hormone = Less cortisol.

As you can see exercise is actually an excellent way to combat increased levels of cortizol and will help you to lose belly fat fast!

Lactic acid training

This form of training will optimise the release of lactic acid and consequently lower cortisol.  High reps, lighter weight and short rest intervals in the form of circuits are one of the best forms of training to lose belly fat fast.

For example:

12 rep deadlift (1 minutes rest), 12 rep pull ups, assisted if needed (1 minutes rest), 12 rep squats (1 minutes rest), 12 rep dips – repeat the circuit 3 times.

This circuit is very demanding because it will recruit muscles of the entire body. You could try a less demanding circuit depending on your fitness levels, and please always remember to warm up properly before starting any exercise.

Another way to optimise lactic acid levels is to extend the concentric (positive) phase of the lift and decrease the eccentric (negative) phase of the lift. Lift the weight slowly for 4-6 seconds and lower the weight quickly. You will need to use lighter weight for this form of exercise.

It is very important to get lots of good quality sleep, this is the primary time your body will release the cortisol fighting growth hormone.


In this article i have explained how to lose belly fat fast by combating cortisol and creating a more friendly hormonal environment.  For more information on dieting and more exercises to help you lose weight please read my article on how to reduce fat fast.

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