Companies that get risk of there used fitness equipment.?

What do Gyms, Ballys, fitness USA, etc. do with there old excerises equipment.


Bodybuilding help? I want to get alot bigger than i am?

Im 20 and weigh over 10 stone. Im eating correclty and going to the gym
Ive just purcahsed a weight gainer protein.
Basically i want to get alot bigger, bigger arms, shoulders etc.
Can anyone give me tips, help me out etc about this?
when do i drink the shakes?
as i said i eat plenty of protein etc so not after a food answer.
all help thankful

best answer*


How to get motivation in weight loss fitness program?


Can anyone help me with a few healthy eating tips?

I’ve been pursuing a healthier eating regime and have be considering a fast to cleanse my system of all the toxins I’ve been putting into it. I’m not talking about alcohol or anything of that sort, just the normal unhealthy meats and other processed crap that no human being should eat anyway.

I’m attempting a vegetarian lifestyle, as ALL meat makes me sick. I blame it on Acid Reflux Disease, because any meat and I have the worst heart burn.

So, in aid of my attempt, can any of you direct me to the best website you know for converting to a vegetarian (preferably vegan) lifestyle?
When I say junk food, I really only mean meats. I don’t eat fast food or junk food or sugar as a whole as it is.

I just was hoping for some good recipes, or some sites that help with life transitions.


i need help on making a fitness program?

ok i have a schwin elliptical. i have school from 7:45-3:15, but dont get home until about 4. what should i eat when i get home for snack, how long should i be doing it for, and how often? if it helps im a 13 year old mature girl…thanks guys im just not to sure at how it should be done.


tips for motivation to eat?

started bodybuilding and weight gain a while ago but 80 % is high calorie diet. im supposed to eat 6 small meals a day making up to 3000 calories. but i barley reach 1500. and tips to help me achieve

thanks a million


Where can I get this piece of home fitness equipment?`?

Many years ago – many, many years ago – there was this home fitness thing that was basically a spring inside of a telescoping rod, with handles on both ends (so it could be pushed shut against resistance), and it had cables between the handles (so when you pulled the cables apart, the telescoping rod pushed in on itself, again providing resistance).

You could, for example, hold it like a bow-and-arrow, and pull on the cables for resistance.

Like this:

Bad representation.

I don’t even remember what it was called, but it was very useful.

Does anyone know what it is called, adn if they are sold anyhmore? I cannot even look on eBay, since I don’t know what it’s called (and “fitness thing” doesn’t seem to work well.)


Does anyone know of any good Wii fitness programs that work?


what happens if you don’t pass the 1-1-1 physical fitness assessment[army]?

i can do 34 push up and 37 sit ups, but my 1 mile run was in 9 mins. i leave in may so i can improve that. what happens if you don’t pass it? i heard you stay at reception and do PT and don’t leave intill you can pass it.


Teen, who needs healthy eating tips?

im seventeen, and im normal weight, my friends always wonder how i can have a junk food lunch everyday at school and stay so skinny.. and i wonder sometimes aswell. im tried of being so unhealthy, should i exercise more?
teens, what do you bring in your lunch to school? like tell me what kinds of sandwiches and stuff you bring.
im tired of eating junk food, and its always in my house.. (chips always) and its hard to resist.
when i go grocery shopping with my mom, i am always the one suggesting fruits and veggies.
advice would be nice


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